Working on the new freebie: fashion online store


it’s been a long time I wrote some post. But now I think it’s a great time! I know, I am not writing a “daily posts”, but this one should someone makes a smile on face.

I am working on the new Online store freebie. It will be the fashion store. I am trying to do it in the modern, simple style, where the pictures, but also a good content are on the same line.

Hell yeah! And I am finally finished the home-page. So let’s check it!


Finally, product page is also done! If you want to see it full size just open it in a new window tab 🙂

Edit 1.1. 2017:


So, what do you think? Do you love it?

Hope some of you will 🙂 . Whole pack will be absolutely free, so I hope it will help some growing stores to have a really unique template.

What the pack will includes?

Ha, there is a lot of hard work in-front of me. But can’t wait to see the finishing progress of all the pages. Check what the bundle will includes:

  • homepage
  • product page
  • detail of product
  • basket
  • order process pages
  • blog post page
  • blog post detail
  • contact page
  • basic content page
  • Login/register page

So hope you will wait for that! If you want to be inform about the progress, just subscribe my newsletter. Or don’t forget to add me on twitter🙂

Wish the best and stay amazing,


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