The new UI pack is comming in a few weeks!


actually, I am working on the big bundle of UI elements, which I hope it will be helpful for many people around a design sector. Or it will be the nice way of inspiration.

This UI bundle it will be for startups at all. Just have a look what is finally done and what is still missing 🙂 .

What is done

  • Footers
  • Colors pack
  • Tooltips
  • Subscribes
  • Blog posts
  • Buttons
  • Inputs
  • Team
  • Menus
  • Register pages
  • Tags

Still in progress

  • Tabs
  • On/off panel
  • Tables
  • Checks
  • Steps, page navigation
  • Modals
  • Music player
  • Video player
  • Upload, download
  • Map
  • Headers
  • Counts
  • Latest project
  • 404 page
  • Project page
  • Calendar
  • Pricings
  • FAQ
  • Search
  • Social Network buttons, icons
  • Side navigation
  • Corner navigation

All of the pages, I am preparing in 2 variations. Black and White. I’ll be so happy for any feedback or cooperation with this UI pack – looking for any mentor who will give me a feedback and inspiration.

If you would like to help me just write me to my email box:

Just have a look on one piece of cake! 🙂



Glad to be a part of Creative Market community


nowadays I have been preparing to open Creative Market store. Finally, I finished it! If you want to have a look at my store check it! Sure I am glad for any feedback!

Why did I decide to open a Creative Market store?

It’s a good opportunity for me to share a lot of things which just waiting all the time in my computer. I would like to share my designer thinking via this platform and maybe get earn some money for better designer’s staffs.

Another point of my choice is that Creative Market has got really nice support via their blog posts for sellers with tips how to sell, what is good – or not good for me. And of course don’t forget on buyers too, where they are writing about new people, new designer publications etc. See this one!

It is good opportunity to learn something new!

I am still learning about online world: websites, apps mostly. But sometimes people just need to relax. But I am that one who have to still do something. And here is a great opportunity for me to take a photo even more than before, just paint more than before. Just do a lot of things which I did when I was in high school.

If you have got the store here too, share it with me via comments!