Designers and relax? Simple to ask, difficult to answer.

Hello, from my grandparent’s house,

right now I am just sitting on a balcony of theirs house, watching outside to garden and forest. Spring is comming and nature is becoming more harmfull, funnier and more green. And right is that moment when I stopped and enjoyed that moment.

As a designer you should be able to take a rest and make some day just for you, yo ur hobbies, family or friends. Just find time for things you love. In my opinion designers need to give love to somebody and of course receive it from someone. When you are full of love, your mind is just more free and your ideas flow easier than ever.

“How often should I relax?”

There is no answer. One designer is totally diferent than thousand others. I know many people which are able to work all the day per week. I am not. I can’t say that I am “slob”. But sometimes i just need take a rest and get my ideas free way. I just need not to “do nothing”, but just have a fun or relax with people which I love (especialy with my girlfriend. She is giving me the energy, which I want not just for a work, but for to-be a better person.). For me it is neccesary to have that time. I am that person which is able to do a lot of work in one-work-day. Just focussed to the work all the day with lot of ideas and the other just relaxed. Try it, it is really good, not just for you, of course for people arounds you.

My work, my love

Of course, that you knew that feeling: when your work gives you the good feeling that you do the right thing. Yes, this feeling is simple, but really amazing. I am working as a designer for startup monkeydata. We are helping people grow in eCommerce field. (We are developing an analytical tool for online stores). And It is just amazing feeling, when you are working on something, which can help people over the world. And what is the best? That people loves our product, such as we love them. How I said, it is like circle: do something with love and that love will come back to you.

“Couse with love is our world becoming better place”.