Edition 7: Inspiration Design

The new edition of inspirational design is here. Today I am going to share with you some part of a design which is unimaginable for me . The illustration and 3D area of design is very known for me, but just from the process of their produce. I’ve not been blessed by drawing skills 😀 . On the other side, I love to make ideas in my mind and share them with people who are able to draw. But It doesn’t matter. I am good at other are of design as: UI, apps.

But let’s check some illustrations 🙂



On the picture, I really appreciate how detailed it is. All of the layers are magnificent quality. I love the colors and contrast which picture has.




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“I am so glad for any feedback: I know that there is a lot what to learn. Like my english etc. but with your feedback I will become better. Thanks !”