Just take a rest from your work

Be free … easy to say! I have got a lot of work to do! But that’s a point what i really enjoying on my work. I have got still a lot of work. But it doesn’t mean that you have to work all of the day, day by day 🙂 .

Let’s say “Bye my work, I am going to …”

If it’s just for a while. The relaxed head is the best head. Especially up to me. If I need to the best I just need to relax before. So mostly i play computer games or doing some sport activity. PS: Big thank is also for my girlfriend 🙂

Maybe it seems quite weird … PC games. Dude, you are still on PC/xbox. Yes, I am … but. I am just not thinking about the design, about my work. I am just killing, or driving 🙂 and that’s the point. Find out the best way for you how to relax and it doesn’t matter what other say.

PS: I am not saying to play computer games day by day. I also need to do some sports activities, because sometimes my body (or mind?) is saying: “Hell, Peter go to the something. You are just sitting all of the days on your f*cking ass”.

“So just in a few words. Don’t be lazy to find time just for yourself and do the things what you really love to do.”

Sure for me it’s work also what I really love. The design fits me the best, but on the other way, I am not able to work all of the days. So that’s why I am playing games, or doing some sports activities = because I just need to relax my head from work and need to be ready for the other work day. Hopefully, you are doing the some. Just spending some time with things what you loves.

What I usually play?

I am big fan of the MMORPG and shooting games.
Here is my list of the games what I play: Eloa, mu-online, S.K.I.L.L., Gotham City and Wareframe. If someone playing this game/s just let me know, I’ll join you! 🙂

Wish the best for the next work days!

Stay amazing,