Don’t be stuck. Here is why.

I extremely hate that feeling “what should I do right now”. I am one of person who loves the design a lot. I always do something because I hate feelings when I don’t know what to do. That’s why I called this article Don’t be stuck. It is all about understanding what you need and what is for you and your work the best option.

This is not about to be like me

I am not telling you to be like me. Don’t do things like me. Everyone is a totally different person. But what I know is that I hate feeling like to be stuck in one way. I am always looking for new things how should I become a much better person or designer. How I should help to the other people find out the best way. Probably that is why I started with publishing my blog and sharing my ideas throw social networks. Because I hope that’s are useful and should help some of you.

“The best way how not to be stuck is looking for opportunities how to become better.”Twitter

I always do something

Always … I used to do something. If I could do “nothing” I will probably write blog posts or go for a run. Nowadays for me doing nothing is one the worst thing I should do. I know if I will start with I will be stuck after all. I don’t know why maybe because I will use to be lazy and I don’t want to.

Go for a run, do what you love

Everything is better than doing nothing. I love running, my family all things I am surrounding. And that’s great for me and my designing live. When I feel in a good mood I have got a lot of energy for all of the projects I am working on. So find out what you love and surround that things, feelings around you.

Enjoy every little thing

I am trying every my day enjoy. I really love just stop, when I am walking my dog. Just stop somewhere under the tree and watch to the top of the tree. Looking how leafs are flying. I am trying to enjoying those things because for me is one of the best energy a booster. Try it too!

So and what about you? What is good for you, your mood, or energy? Will be so glad If you send me a tweet about your designer life. Where you find an energy and inspiration.

And don’t forget, always be Amazing,



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“I am so glad for any feedback: I know that there is a lot what to learn. Like my english etc. but with your feedback I will become better. Thanks !”

Stay in touch with your clients as is possible

Hi there,

nowday I would like to write some ideas how I feel about nowdays designers. Over the world there are thousands of designers. Who is worst, or better? Who knows … There is a lot of different feelings about designing. I am going to speak about my field of design – mostly websites and web apps. When I worked for agencies I met a lot of people (clients).

For my work was faster to talk with client directly. You know most your designer time in agencies there is someone between you and client (mostly project manager?). For me was really better to sit with client by my-self or with project manager too. It was good to hear the ideas which comming throw clients mouth. When I met a client I should just discuss problems deeper. Becouse of you should not be able to talk with your client, propably you will hear the story from you project manager (or person who is between you). And there should be a lot of differencies.

Why is good to manage meeting directly with your client?

  1. Client needs has been served from his hand
  2. Better (faster) communication
  3. You are able to make changes more quicker

In my opinion here is a good to use invision application which can help you colaborate your design with client or colleagues. And that’s not all. Let’s check their product tour and enjoy this awesome application.

Just do what you feel from you client and in which you believe most. I think if you are good empathy it will be no problem for you to make a good design which helps all around.

Just listen to your audience needs and stay in touch with them.


Do you like my articles?

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I am so glad for any feedback: I know that there is a lot what to learn. Like my english etc. but with your feedback I will become better. Thanks !

Cooparate with others: this should every designer do

Is it like your daily routine to share your work with other designers or colleagues? That’s is good. I think that this is one of the best ways how to grow as a designer. If you are able to share your feelings you should be able to describe your final work much better to your clients, boss …

How it was with me in this way

I think, with this could help another designer with you could discuss too. I knew it very well. I worked just by myself for about 3 or 4 years. I can’t say that it wasn’t a great time. It was of course, but something was missing. Work friend. I mean another designer.

He couldn’t do the same part of the job as you. But it is really good to know that you can discuss some designer problem with someone. “Like Peter please, my client told me … could you help me imagine another point of view for a better solution to my problem?”. And there are many and many more things.

More heads, more knowledge

Don’t be scared ask for help from somebody. In my opinion is really nice to spend some time with someone who is better than you. I know many people from whom I am learning 🙂 . Learning is just smarter if you can learn from somebody whom you behave respect. This time is not just about learning. But probably about making some solution about problems. For example me. I have met my friend Tom who is a designer as me. Me always meet together once a month. But it is really great time.

When we met the first time I had a lot of problems with designing of application. And he helped me. Sounds easy? Of course that. He just showed me a different viewpoint. It was a viewpoint like he was my customer and he simply answered me on 60% of my problems. Nowadays we just speak about new trends and application for designers. On our last meeting, we spoke about application craft from invision.

Don’t worry to talk about your designers problems. More heads = more knowledge.Twitter