Freebie: My new web elements pack

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I want this freebie!


I want this freebie!


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I’ve just tried a new UI Web elements pack by @bilekUI. Enjoy it for free :-). #design #webdesign #freebieTwitter

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Edition 7: Inspiration Design

The new edition of inspirational design is here. Today I am going to share with you some part of a design which is unimaginable for me . The illustration and 3D area of design is very known for me, but just from the process of their produce. I’ve not been blessed by drawing skills 😀 . On the other side, I love to make ideas in my mind and share them with people who are able to draw. But It doesn’t matter. I am good at other are of design as: UI, apps.

But let’s check some illustrations 🙂



On the picture, I really appreciate how detailed it is. All of the layers are magnificent quality. I love the colors and contrast which picture has.




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“I am so glad for any feedback: I know that there is a lot what to learn. Like my english etc. but with your feedback I will become better. Thanks !”


Instagram logo “boom effect”

I think all of you heard about the Instagram announcement “We published a new logo”. There were a lot of “trolls” with gradients, Instagram logo in 2 minutes etc. But this post is not about trolls. I would like to publish my opinion on the Instagram logo and share in my opinion the best speeches about that change by the designers all over the world. So let’s check it. Continue reading Instagram logo “boom effect”

Edition 6: Inspiration Design


Monday is here! 🙂 Let’s check some interesting designs which I picked up from Muzli and other designers portals. Enjoy it. If you would like, share with me design what you especially love throw twitter. Twitter

Opening screen for banking App 


When I first time saw this animation. I simply fall in love with. The idea of an opening app is breathtaking. I love all on this picture. Colors, gradients, animation. Looks really nice and clean. In my opinion for many of users will be trustful part of an application.

Create the new Instagram Logo in Adobe Photoshop by Howard Pinsky

First, of I would like to say that I love the new Instagram logo a lot. But this story about how to make the Instagram logo in few minutes is funny. I know that people who are not interested in, don’t know how much time team of designers spent on creating of this logotype. But it is funny you know 😀



Wanna try some free font? Try this one 🙂 . It is a really good font for quotes and print design as well.


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I am so glad for any feedback: I know that there is a lot what to learn. Like my english etc. but with your feedback I will become better. Thanks !

Free photobanks you should never missed!


I know there is many people like me, who don’t want to pay for good photography. Don’t worry there are many people who don’t want to do this as me. But they are quite bit steps before me 😀 They exactly produce free photos for you!

So hope you enjoy. If you know about many more, please let me know and I’ll add them to this article.

List of free photobanks:


Hope help you! 🙂

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I am so glad for any feedback: I know that there is a lot what to learn. Like my english etc. but with your feedback I will become better. Thanks !

Designers and relax? Simple to ask, difficult to answer.

Hello, from my grandparent’s house,

right now I am just sitting on a balcony of theirs house, watching outside to garden and forest. Spring is comming and nature is becoming more harmfull, funnier and more green. And right is that moment when I stopped and enjoyed that moment.

As a designer you should be able to take a rest and make some day just for you, yo ur hobbies, family or friends. Just find time for things you love. In my opinion designers need to give love to somebody and of course receive it from someone. When you are full of love, your mind is just more free and your ideas flow easier than ever.

“How often should I relax?”

There is no answer. One designer is totally diferent than thousand others. I know many people which are able to work all the day per week. I am not. I can’t say that I am “slob”. But sometimes i just need take a rest and get my ideas free way. I just need not to “do nothing”, but just have a fun or relax with people which I love (especialy with my girlfriend. She is giving me the energy, which I want not just for a work, but for to-be a better person.). For me it is neccesary to have that time. I am that person which is able to do a lot of work in one-work-day. Just focussed to the work all the day with lot of ideas and the other just relaxed. Try it, it is really good, not just for you, of course for people arounds you.

My work, my love

Of course, that you knew that feeling: when your work gives you the good feeling that you do the right thing. Yes, this feeling is simple, but really amazing. I am working as a designer for startup monkeydata. We are helping people grow in eCommerce field. (We are developing an analytical tool for online stores). And It is just amazing feeling, when you are working on something, which can help people over the world. And what is the best? That people loves our product, such as we love them. How I said, it is like circle: do something with love and that love will come back to you.

“Couse with love is our world becoming better place”.

Learn, learn and learn. Do not waste your time!

Hey you! Yes I am talking about you. Just sit down and think about yourself for a minute. Have you done for your job enough? Don’t need to learn anything else? I think that propably your answer will be: “Yes I need”. So what are you waiting for? Do not waste of your time! And start to do something for yourself. Doesn’t metter if it is for a job, for your friends, etc. Just start to do something what fills you 🙂 .

But I am Designer so I am goint to talk in this way

As a joung designer full of energy and passion for other designers. Would you like to become a good designer full of knowledge and skills? So … you have to learn!

For example me: I like read from invisionapp blog – there is a lot of articles from the other designers. You can find here a lot of tips like: “How to become good UX designer without degree”, “How to design for global meaning” and more… On the other side I learn from designers such as: Tobias van Schneider. This guy is like “boom designer”. (If you know the others good just let me know in comments below 🙂 ) He is inspirational ‘couse his articles, newsletters and of course broadcasts called NTMY. I think that is good to know pages, person who inspire you and from you can learn something.

Find out your way of learning

It means that here is many various people. For someone is better to learn from books, than for the others from internet. I am the person who love learns from broadcast and “pictures”. As a UI and webdesigner I collect inspiration from looking on other sites, wireframes, microsites, apps (desktop, mobile) etc. . I am not coder, or programmer but I know the knowledge about html5, css3 and other languages. In my opinion it is necessary for my work to knew it: for cooperation between me and programmers. So just find out the way how you would liketo learn new things and just start! I am so glad that now I am “just” 23, becouse I would like to learn a lot! … and if I realize I have to. Becouse our community growing up every single day and every single minute and there is many and maaaany others better than me 🙂 .

Love that moments

In High School was learning boring for me. I can’t say that I wasn’t good at it, but I didn’t study design. High School gave me a lot of time for learning of design by my self. And I totally enjoy that times which I spent with designer softwares. When I close my yes I can feel that moment when I learnt something and finished it first time. It was something different. And I enjoyed it. Nowdays I am enjoying reading articles from the others good designer or application too. You must just realize that if you start learning will be better for you in your present time and for your future of course!

For example start just with reading one article per a day! You can let me know after a mount if you still reading 🙂 . I’ll be really happy if someone will.