Really enjoying a new Rebrandings

I spoke about Instagram rebrand a few feeks ago. But now it’s a time to have a look on Assembly rebrand. Which is for me one of the best! They are bringing something new, enojy an amazing work!

Photo from:

I love that kind of rebrandings, where people spent a lot of time with thinking about, discusing and prototyping. Where the brand brings some bright for the design at all.

Love the coloring

Assembly is not about just one color. The designers bet on the multi-color brand. And I think it’s looks great!

Before / After  :  Photo:

It is not about just a change logo 🙂 . Focus Lab create a whole Identity, how brand looks like and actually bring to them the righ way of communication.

Just have a deeper 🙂 .

Whole rebrand you can find here:


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