Edition 6: Inspiration Design


Monday is here! 🙂 Let’s check some interesting designs which I picked up from Muzli and other designers portals. Enjoy it. If you would like, share with me design what you especially love throw twitter. Twitter

Opening screen for banking App 


When I first time saw this animation. I simply fall in love with. The idea of an opening app is breathtaking. I love all on this picture. Colors, gradients, animation. Looks really nice and clean. In my opinion for many of users will be trustful part of an application.

Create the new Instagram Logo in Adobe Photoshop by Howard Pinsky

First, of I would like to say that I love the new Instagram logo a lot. But this story about how to make the Instagram logo in few minutes is funny. I know that people who are not interested in, don’t know how much time team of designers spent on creating of this logotype. But it is funny you know 😀



Wanna try some free font? Try this one 🙂 . It is a really good font for quotes and print design as well.


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