Instagram logo “boom effect”

I think all of you heard about the Instagram announcement “We published a new logo”. There were a lot of “trolls” with gradients, Instagram logo in 2 minutes etc. But this post is not about trolls. I would like to publish my opinion on the Instagram logo and share in my opinion the best speeches about that change by the designers all over the world. So let’s check it.

I wanna start with my view on Instagram logo

I love it. Gradients are coming back on the design scene. And it’s huge. I love work with gradients, not the brutal one. Just with a simple linear gradient from one to another color. The color must fit each other. I know that Instagram has got the brutal one gradient. But for this app it’s good.  For me as a designer is nowadays logo better for working with than the old one. On the Instagram brand manual I like that font was still the same – because I loved them. For me, Instagram did a great job! Thumbs up.

Let’s see what other designer said


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I am so glad for any feedback: I know that there is a lot what to learn. Like my english etc. but with your feedback I will become better. Thanks !

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