Work with feedback and become much better

As a designer, you probably get in touch with words of praise, or on the other side with words like: “still it is not good as I expected” etc.. You should have a look at this problem like professional. The work what you do in the most of your time do for your client or his clients (if he is reseller).

As a Product Designer I take care of Visual side of our Application (talking about web app and mobile app too). As the number of customer is growing demands for quality and intuitiveness of our application are growing too.

Only feedback, especially the negative can move you a bit further

With problems comes new experience. Not ones you will get in touch with users problems. You have to prepare yourself for that! Be ready for improving your skills and knowledge. Because this is the way how you can fix or avoid any problems.

Realize that your users are key for your success

I realize a lot: Demanding users are the best user. Do not attitude to them with “bad thinking” like: “Oh no, what he wants again!”. Use his ideas for innovations to your app. Discuss more problems with your customers. Each customer has some needs and It will be better talking with you customers about their problems. In many cases, the one special problem of your customer will be problem to another one. Fix this problem as soon as it possible.

Design trends online change more often than the wind, and slightly less often than my socks. Suleiman Leadbitter

It is good to know something about your customer

By creating of your ideal customer (persona) should be good step to set up most important things for your application. As a designer is really important to know how our customer thinks or behaves.

 If we will look deeper, we can find out much more by our customers. Like, what color should we use, which web elements should be best for them, what part of app our customers perceive most (like buttons, notifications etc.). And there is much more what you should find out by creating of your ideal customer.

Don’t forget to talk with your customers. Primarily I mean a Social Networks. Doesn’t matter which one. It is really necessary to know on which type of pictures, videos your customer will look much often than the other. In my opinion is good to work with idea “from people to people = I mean use real photos. You will target much more people.

Don’t be scared of small experiments.

Has got feedbacks, but what now? Work with it, step by step.

You can create a lot of varieties of landing pages, which you will publish to some sort of people. By this, you can find out which one is better, than the other. I can hightly recomended application Instapage. This application become fastest of creation this landing pages.

Simple steps how i work with Instapage:

  1. First of all I sketch graphic design ( background and other elements for web)
  2. Final version of design I cut (in adobe photoshop) by slice tool
  3. This elements which I cut I insert to the Instapage. I will style titles, p, buttons and the other web elements.

It is really nice helper for testing. The program itself will produce a pretty nice code (incl. Mobile version). Do you know any other program like this? Say something about them by comment of this part.

As a designer starts use invision as your daily routine

I supposed, you are not asking your self: “Why I should start using this app”. For those who still don’t there are my tips why:

For me is using of invision like daily routine. By invision we can re-sending design wireframes of our app to our clients (testers — personas). Which can give us really fast feedbacks by comments throw this app. It is really nice app. We can test interactions without coding!

It is good tool for cooperation between teams and designers. Sure if we are sitting side by side we can talk to each other. But when not? You can connect invision to slack — and it is fuck*ng killer. All changes or feedbacks you will see throw slack app. Try it if you use both of them.

Do you want some summary?

So, just a small one? Try to select your best fitting customer which you will stay in touch. Step by step build your app more and more better. How? ?Listen to your customers.

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I am so glad for any feedback: I know that there is a lot what to learn. Like my english etc. but with your feedback I will become better. Thanks !

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