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Design UI Kit for Figma

Hello dear designers,

actually, I am in the middle of the process of UI freebie bundle.  In the picture, you can see how it works.

This is just an example, how you can easily manage width or styles of each component pretty simple. This example is just for the Inputs or selects.

The main reason why I decided to do it was to learn how to build quite well design system which works smooth. I am still in the middle of researching.

But right now you can easily manage:

    • easy to change the main colors (right now 6 of them - 3 as the main brand colors and 3 for a status messages). But you can simply add others.
    • You can change typography in just one click throw all components
    • Easily manages all buttons and elements into design system just in a few clicks.

Here you can see what I actually finished. I'll be glad for any feedback what you would like to see in the future or which examples I should prepare in the future.This pack would be absolutely free for all-purpose commercial. I just really want to grow as a designer, that's the reason why I decided to work on this freebie for you.

Any feedback is always welcomed just mail me: or send me a DM throw Twitter.

Have a nice day,

November 21, 2017No Comments

Inspiration: Mobile interactions

glad to see you there! Let's boost a bit your inspiration. This is my first article about the inspiring examples of UI Design. I really trying to pick the best design with a good point of usability on mobile devices.

So let's go.

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