Who Am I? Try find out here

oh sorry I want to say “Hi” because I would like to introduced myself and my work in more friendly way if you apologize 🙂

My name is Peter. I am Visual and UI Designer in MonkeyData – it is an analytical tool for online stores. I live in Czech Republic with my girlfriend and lot of animals (we are animal lovers). I am really friendly and talkative person. But sometimes i just need to be in silence like a ghost. How it is posibble to be a person of two sides? Do not ask me, I don’t know 😀 I love my work as a UI designer and I have to say that I am passionate game player – most of my time I play RPG games. Of course that i love sports too. I played football for 16 years of my life. Nowdays is sport my relax.

And how about me and design? There is comlicated answer 🙂

Let’s back to my age of 14 when I first time did some kind of design. It was signature for my game profile. People loved it! And I got a lot of free time job such as signiture for gamers 🙂 . How I growt I need more … I started with design of my first websites. It was for gamers too. That was really nice advertisement for me. I fell in love with webdesign and user interface. I started to learn how to become more creative:

Behance.com – was my first inspiration site which I found out. It was fantastic to see how people design and why use this and the other one elements.

Dribbble – after behance I started to learn by designers from dribbble. It is fantastic way just watch on other works and learn from them. But dribbble, was for me like good inspiration, but lot of work here would not be able to use in practice.

I understood (I hope that … 🙂 ), webdesign and UI it is not just about good looking. So I had to improve my skills in many other way … Like how to understand customers, etc. by the field of marketing side. I thing that it is really necessary to know it too. Because the good product will become better if you will understand your customers needs.