UI: Design Inspiration

Yeap, right now it’s a great time to share with you Design UI inspiration. Today we will focus on the Desktop Apps. Let’s see what I picked up for you 🙂

Mail client app 

Mail app design

Zora Dash – Tenants

Dashboard design

Users And Receivable Payments 

Dashboard design

Billing & Order Tracking System 

Menu design

Agile CRM – Customer Profile 

CMS design

There is a small list of the Desktop design apps which I really like. They are very well designed in the way of the UI – colors are well picked and also iconography and typography.

Enjoy a day and stay amazing,

My first feelings from Adobe XD

First of all, I am Windows user. So I was not able to work with Sketch. So I was waiting till Adobe has launched a new designing, prototyping tool XD.

I was quite new in that kind of tools, but I learn it in just a few minutes. The most important thing on the XD is what kind of tool it is. It’s so specific tool for work in the apps and websites sort of design. That’s the reason maybe why I learn working with XD so fast.

Better view on your product

I was working with photoshop. For me the problem between developing and designing was with fonts at all. Different view of fonts in browsers as in Photoshop. Rendering was soo different. Now with XD the view is the same.

Really great work with UI kits

The most valuable thing is working with UI kit. We have allready done the UI kit for all of the elements which are using for mobile/desktop app like: buttons, headline, paragraphs, colors, charts, logos. All of them includes paddings, margins and the other things for better cooperations with devs.

Whole app in one place

I can remeber my times, when I was starting with designing of websites. One psd for one page. The size was sometimes soo big (200mbs). Of course, now Adobe Photoshop inludes artboards. But so many artboards means big file. I can’t imagine to have a design all of the pages in one psd file.

We are using cloud drive also and I can’t imagine to work with such a big files, too slow for uploads, saving.

But with XD it is posibble to have whole app in one file. Also with the basic prototypes for devs and marketing. Without using other tools.

There are still a lot of things to do

I am not talking that the tool is soo-super-cool. Not at all, but it is time-saver and with the good cooparating and documentation for devs you are able to design pretty great things. And for a beta it’s absolutelly usefull.

What I am missing a lot:

  • Gradient colors — for me its necessary to have this solution. For a backgrounds, buttons.
  • Share link — missing it a lot, when I need to cooparate with other people it would be so helpfull to have a shareable link with the prototype.
  • Notes — would be great to have a notes in the xd file. For the notes, or devs documentation. Like for the CSS and other staffs.
  • Show/export CSS — for me the necessary to have this solution, or to be able open the file in Avocode or the other apps like this.
  • Microinteractions
  • Export/import .svg, .ai files

There are also other things, but at all. The tool is in beta, the adobe devs and also community growing so fast and I see the future in a tool like this.

And what about you? Do you use the Adobe XD app?

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The worst thing for me is doing nothing

Yep, the title is correct. I’ve been stuck for a maybe one week! But now I am back, I am going to write again, I am going to work on my own side project.

Asking why?

I really hate that feeling wasting of time. Just sitting and watching on Facebook. I have to said stop! I don’t want to be that person. I want to learn a lot of things in design, I want to be a better person. So I have started to do something.

Well, I started to

  • sports activities (getting up earlier to take some time for stretching, visiting swimming pool etc.)
  • I started to learn to code – yep I understand how all the things works. What I am able to design and how it works. But I really want to be able to code by myself to get deeper.
  • I am cooking. Really enjoying cooking, it’s a great time for relaxation. I am trying to cook some Vietnamese food. But it still doesn’t taste or looks like 😀
  • Also, I got back to my side projects: the first thing I want to finish is the online store template for free. – Hopefully, you are not angry about a small progress. I had a lazy phase of my life 😀

So just one thing in the end. It’s good to relax. But don’t be too lazy, that you don’t know how to start again. 🙂

3 wallpapers for designers

Good evening!

I spent a bit time with creating of the wallpapers for you. Hope you will enjoy it. The best thing in the design is for me the font – it’s totally free so if you want it, just visit this Behance profile.

Let’s check the wallpapers

The wallpapers resolution is: 1920×1080 px. If you want to download them, just click on the picture and then download it as image 🙂





As you can see the wallpapers are really flat and simple. Simplicity is what I really love ♥. Wish good day!

Stay amazing,

Just take a rest from your work

Be free … easy to say! I have got a lot of work to do! But that’s a point what i really enjoying on my work. I have got still a lot of work. But it doesn’t mean that you have to work all of the day, day by day 🙂 .

Let’s say “Bye my work, I am going to …”

If it’s just for a while. The relaxed head is the best head. Especially up to me. If I need to the best I just need to relax before. So mostly i play computer games or doing some sport activity. PS: Big thank is also for my girlfriend 🙂

Maybe it seems quite weird … PC games. Dude, you are still on PC/xbox. Yes, I am … but. I am just not thinking about the design, about my work. I am just killing, or driving 🙂 and that’s the point. Find out the best way for you how to relax and it doesn’t matter what other say.

PS: I am not saying to play computer games day by day. I also need to do some sports activities, because sometimes my body (or mind?) is saying: “Hell, Peter go to the something. You are just sitting all of the days on your f*cking ass”.

“So just in a few words. Don’t be lazy to find time just for yourself and do the things what you really love to do.”

Sure for me it’s work also what I really love. The design fits me the best, but on the other way, I am not able to work all of the days. So that’s why I am playing games, or doing some sports activities = because I just need to relax my head from work and need to be ready for the other work day. Hopefully, you are doing the some. Just spending some time with things what you loves.

What I usually play?

I am big fan of the MMORPG and shooting games.
Here is my list of the games what I play: Eloa, mu-online, S.K.I.L.L., Gotham City and Wareframe. If someone playing this game/s just let me know, I’ll join you! 🙂

Wish the best for the next work days!

Stay amazing,


Working on the new freebie: fashion online store


it’s been a long time I wrote some post. But now I think it’s a great time! I know, I am not writing a “daily posts”, but this one should someone makes a smile on face.

I am working on the new Online store freebie. It will be the fashion store. I am trying to do it in the modern, simple style, where the pictures, but also a good content are on the same line.

Hell yeah! And I am finally finished the home-page. So let’s check it!


Finally, product page is also done! If you want to see it full size just open it in a new window tab 🙂

Edit 1.1. 2017:


So, what do you think? Do you love it?

Hope some of you will 🙂 . Whole pack will be absolutely free, so I hope it will help some growing stores to have a really unique template.

What the pack will includes?

Ha, there is a lot of hard work in-front of me. But can’t wait to see the finishing progress of all the pages. Check what the bundle will includes:

  • homepage
  • product page
  • detail of product
  • basket
  • order process pages
  • blog post page
  • blog post detail
  • contact page
  • basic content page
  • Login/register page

So hope you will wait for that! If you want to be inform about the progress, just subscribe my newsletter. Or don’t forget to add me on twitter🙂

Wish the best and stay amazing,


Why I fall in love with UI interactions

I supposed everyone knows the term “UI interaction”. But if no … well here it is the meaning of UI interaction by myself 🙂 :

What the UI interaction is?

First of all, we should know what the User Interface Design is. The UI design is the design interface for software and machines which are helping to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible. The good User Interface is  focused on maximizing usability and the user experience.

So the UI interaction is space where interactions between humans and devices, apps etc. The goal of this interaction is to allow effective operation and control of apps: in my way of design.

Nowadays all of the apps around the world has to be able to stay in touch with common interaction trends.

Who is giving the direction of this trends?

I have to confess, I don’t know. But what I know pretty well is that there are my top candidates who coordinate the direction of UI animations by their way and has got such a big influence to the whole online sector.

iOS animations

Of course, there are Android and Windows too. But for me the iOS one of the strongest pillar of the UI animation in the mobile sector. Can you imagine your mobile phone just static? Without kind of animations? Me not … at all. The animations help us with better orientation in the mobile phones and apps.

Here is a great example of UI interaction of Sign In process to the mobile iOS app by 


Google Material Motions

Sure you have heard about Material Motions by Google. If not, look at the guidelines by the biggest tech company. I am sure, Google is one of the leaders in that area. Actually, everything they do takes effect in the whole tech area. Even wich the interactions.


Do not be aware of micro-interactions

Microinteractions are the contained product moments that do one small task.

Microinteractions can say something about you. Like, how you product is detailed designed, how the small processes are understandable. All of the small interaction changes you will develop, can help your customers at all. Also microinteractions can guide users in how to work the system.

Try to use “Show system status”

It means that your customer (user) needs to be informed about what actually he did. the interface should keep the user enlightened about what is happening. Just look at the simple example of scrolling bar

Img used from article: https://uxplanet.org/microinteractions-the-secret-to-great-app-design-4cfe70fbaccf#.drekelgbu
Highlight Changes

Highlighting can help use in a place where we need to know, that the user see it. And here can change an animation like that. The other reason could be the orientation of user between most and less important statuses. Look at the example of simple text highlight:

Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/2425078-Copy-Text-Prototype
Visualize inputs

For me one of the greatest (most important) things in each applications. I love the Sign In/Up pages using the inputs effects.

Just have a look on great examples of micro-interactions for inputs.



You must be able to learn about interactions

If not, you are out, or will be out in a few months. Just look around. There are no more static websites, apps. Everything is coming more understandable. And I know that one part of great understandable are interactions. So don’t waste your time and try to learn something about.

Recommendation: Micro Interactions Book


Check the muzli blog page and stay in touch with UI interactions

And look for a UI Interactions of the week. You can find here a lot of inspiration for your new apps or designs.


How the Nick Babich design with care. And I totally agree with him. The good design is about details. And details of the good apps could be interactions which can make your product more trustful, understandable and enjoyable. 🙂 And that’s the reason why I fall in love with interactions.


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So proud to announced my first freebie: Social Media Pack


Good day!

Today I am publishing a Social Media Kit for free. Hope you will love it. It includes a lot of well-pixeled files (PSD, PNG, PPT).

Maybe you are asking yourself, why I include PPT version? This version is here for marketers, store owners. Not everyone has got Photoshop or other design software. And I hope that this is the best way how to share a passion for a good looking social media posts this sort of people.

Why did I decide to make it free?

Maybe some of you know that this pack I was selling via Creative Market. I love the community and everything around CM, but it is not a way which I would like to go.

So I decided to publish this Social Media Pack for free for any purposes (commercial use allowed).


Let’s check what pack includes

  • 8x Well layered PSD format
  • 8x Well designed PPT format
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS5.5 & CS6 &CC
  • Includes 1 PSD where you are able to do every changes
  • Uses free fonts
  • Separate background and text layers
  • Uses free fonts

Free photos used – Big thanks for unsplash.com, pixabay.com where I found this beautiful pictures.

Download Social Media Pack »


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